Factor 1+Balluff has expanded its popular Factor 1 series of inductive proximity sensors to now include a weld-immune Factor 1+ version with longer sensing distances.  According to the company, Factor 1+ sensors incorporate a multi coil design that enables them to sense all metals — both ferrous and non-ferrous — at the same distance without the need to de-rate the sensing distance based on target material.  The sensors’ additional features include:

  • Greater switching distances for increased performance.
  • Saves time during installation because adjustments are minimal.
  • Greater reliability, even if the detected objects vibrate.
  • Housing and sensor identification optimized to meet requirements in the automobile industry.
  • Ideal for applications where various metallic targets are used (steel, AL, CuZn and Cu).
  • Suitability for welding applications.
  • A PTFE coating helps protect the sensor from weld slag and weld flash generated during the welding process.