JM AQ-300JM Science’s AQUACOUNTER® Coulometric AQ-300 Karl Fischer titrator has been used in the biofuels industry, including applications in biodiesel, glycerin, reclaimed methanol, jet fuel, ultra-low sulfur diesel, kerosene and many others. According to the company, this reliable, easy-to-use titrator additionally grants:

  • The quick and accurate determination of moisture down to 1 PPM with just a simple injection of the sample.
  • The capacity to store files with preset conditions in memory and allow instant recall of data for up to 20 samples.
  • 6 built-in calculation modes to accommodate solid, liquid and gas samples.
  • A statistics package with 1-touch calculations.
  • A built-in detector to monitor titration status.
  • Balance and computer interfaces for GLP and ISO documentation.
  • The ability to print results on an optional printer or, alternatively, download them to a PC. 
  • Printout contents that include the date, sample number, measurement value, sample quantity, moisture content, mean value, standard deviation, CV, moisture quantity-time curve and other preset titration parameters.
  • Download software for a laptop or PC. 
  • Availability of an ion exchange or fritless cell system, and thermal or impact printer.
  • An international voltage input from 100 to 240V.
  • CE approval.