RathGibson’s cold-drawn tubingRathGibson’s cold-drawn tubing offerings include both sink-drawn and drawn-over-mandrel (DOM) products utilizing either welded or seamless starting hollows, in either straight lengths of up to 100 feet, or coils from 25 feet to 90,000 feet. According to the company, the tubing is characterized by:

Sink-Drawn Tubing

  • Well-suited to high wall-to-diameter ratio (≥13 percent) tubing that is difficult to weld to size, such as tubing utilized for high-pressure operations.
  • Suitable for coiled tube production, particularly for coils over 100 feet in length.
  • Able to offer a reduction of the Outer Diameter (OD) and Inner Diameter (ID) dimensions without the use of ID tooling and heavy lubricants.

DOM Tubing (Rod Drawn and Plug Drawn)

  • Like sink-drawn tubing, it results in full cross-section reductions of the wall thickness as well as the OD and ID dimensions.
  • The manufacturing method of choice for applications that require precise dimension control and superior mechanical properties.
  • Plug drawing has the added advantage of providing a smoother inside surface.