Spraying Systems WindJetSpraying Systems introduces its WindJet® air knives, which are powered by energy-efficient regenerative blowers, to optimize performance in drying and blow-off operations, thereby eliminating the need for costly compressed air. According to the company, the WindJet also delivers:

  • Operating costs reduced by as much as 95 percent when the packages are used in a wide range of operations, including debris and dust blow-off, removal of excess water and moving products.
  • A unique 1/8-inch leading edge along the length of the knife to direct a consistent and controlled air stream that retains its integrity further downstream, and eliminates spotting and blotching.
  • An air stream that entrains ambient air to increase the total volume of air, and maximize drying and blow-off efficiency.
  • Rugged, reliable regenerative blowers, which range from 5.5 to 30 HP, that require infrequent, minimal maintenance.
  • Availability in lengths from 6 to 36 inches, in addition to 2 air slot sizes — either 0.040 or 0.060 inches.
  • No need for a sound enclosure because the blowers provide low-noise operation.
  • Packages that include a pressure relief valve, a pressure gauge, an air inlet filter, a filter-monitoring gauge, a vibration dampener, fittings and a mounting adapter.
  • A customized design for each application.