Megatex XD™Capable of processing a wide variety of seeds and grains for planting and production —including soybean processing and corn sizing for ethanol production — the Megatex XD™ from ROTEX Global handles feed rates from 2,000 to 50,000 bushels per hour. According to the company, the screener is characterized by:

  • Designed to produce sharp separations and high efficiencies in high volume applications, it can be used for scalping, cleaning, grading, and chaff and fines removal.
  • Has the ability to produce grain separations of a quality that meets or exceeds the dockage testing specifications used by the Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS) at outbound export facilities, as well as at inland terminals.
  • The machine employs a unique elliptical-linear motion to enable equal distribution of seeds or grains to all screen decks, with even bed depth across the entire surface.
  • The advanced screen frame design forces a more random impact for the mesh cleaning balls, producing better blinding control with a reduction in screen fatigue for longer screen life.
  • To remove lightweight chaff that can be problematic in shipping, the screener can be equipped with aspiration discharge doors to remove materials such as: soybean hulls, pods, beeswings, cob, and other objectionable materials.
  • Both wire screens and perforated plates may be used interchangeably in screen decks for multiple sizing processes.
  • Housed in a standard, compact footprint measuring 12 feet by 12 feet, the twelve 48-inch-wide screen decks provide up to 50-percent greater production capacity per square foot than competitors' units, which enables customers to consolidate processes which require multiple screening machines into a single unit.
  • Both a patented Cam Lift-Rail for easy screen frame installation and removal, and an over-center clamp handle on the discharge doors which eliminates adjustable threaded connections are included.
  • Dust control is enhanced by a sleeveless brush system and discharge vent connection and with adhesive-free, silicone D seals between screen decks for fine separations.
  • An easily accessible external drive, powered by a single cartridge with two spherical roller bearings that run for 200,000 hours is included.
  • Its support shaft suspension system incorporates industrial U-joint bearings and no maintenance, low torsion center springs.
  • Further customization options are available, including: stainless steel or abrasion-resistant steel construction; rockbox landing areas to handle continuous impact on high-wear surfaces; single or double inlet plenums with sliding inlet connections; and long-life Teflon™ wear rings.