Airmaster TurboAccording to Airmaster Aerator, its new Turbo X-Treme aerator provides maximum aeration, while using only a fraction of the energy required by other models. The patented floating/surface aerator further grants:

  • A turbo blower to achieve high-capacity water movement with maximum aeration and mixing incorporated in a discharge manifold.   
  • An efficient design and operation that can replace aerators requiring up to 3 times the horsepower, resulting in substantial energy savings.
  • The capacity to raise the dissolved oxygen level in the water (ponds, lagoons, etc.).
  • An energy-saving 25-HP motor. 
  • Rugged stainless steel construction for reliable, long-term operation.
  • Suitability for a variety of applications, including municipal, industrial, agricultural and disaster recovery.
  • A 1-year warranty.