Amistco DiffuserAmistco Separation Products introduces its Uniflo inlet diffusers to correct flow imbalances and improve gas distribution for both new and existing separator and distillation tower operations. According to the company, the Uniflow additionally boasts:

  • Even gas flow distribution over the downstream separator and the removal of bulk liquids and solids from the gas stream.
  • A geometry that dissipates high inlet gas velocities and evenly distributes gas in the vessel, maximizing downstream mist eliminator performance. 
  • The avoidance of channeling problems and re-entrainment of the liquid droplets in the mist eliminator. 
  • The prevention of gas from jetting into the liquid level, creating further entrainment problems. 
  • Significant separation improvements with negligible pressure drop for processes with flashing feeds or reboiler returns. 
  • Accommodations for vertical or horizontal separators.
  • Selection from a wide range of alloys.