High-speed testing software from InterTech Development CompanyHigh-speed testing software from InterTech Development Company is tightly integrated to machine controls, such that a valve typically taking 50 milliseconds to open with traditional software controls opens in one millisecond or less. According to the company, buying generic machine control software and then stringing together various modules for so-called customization actually required extra hardware expenditures of more than US$1 million. InterTech’s turnkey test solutions for ISO 9001 and ISO 13485:2003-compliant manufacturers use a wide range of test methods for:

  • Pressure decay leak testing.
  • Differential pressure decay leak testing.
  • Mass flow leak testing.
  • Helium tracer gas leak testing,
  • Package integrity analyses (burst testing, creep testing, and seal strength testing).
  • Obstruction testing and detection of blockages in both rigid and flexible product components.
  • Flow integrity, hydraulic testing, correlation studies, audit testing, lifecycle testing and more.