TRIAC's new YT series of electro-pneumatic positionersTRIAC's new YT series of electro-pneumatic positioners is engineered for harsh chemical and food processing environments. The series includes auto-calibrating "smart positioners" with automatic DA and RA detection, and an explosion-proof electro-pneumatic positioner, which is:

  • Available in both FM- and CSA-approved versions.
  • Designed to withstand and contain explosions inside the enclosure, preventing release of flames to the surrounding areas.
  • Able to lock down the system via a fail-freeze function in the event the 4-20mA input signal is lost.

The EP line of electro-pneumatic positioners:

  • Is available in rotary (EPR) or linear (EPL) configurations.
  • Accept an analog 4-20 mA input signal.
  • Have aluminum diecast enclosures and stainless steel gauges.
  • Are vibration-resistant.
  • Provide precise calibration with simple span and zero adjustments.
  • Are repeatable within ±0.5 percent F.S.
  • Are certified by NEMKO for ATEX and Eex md IIB T5.

PP series pneumatic positioners:

  • Utilize an input signal of 3-15 psi (0.2-1.0 kgf/cm2), capable of direct or reverse action with split range available.
  • Are available in rotary (PPR) or linear (PPL) versions.
  • Have various orifices available to increase or decrease flow as required.