New Technology Protects Patients From Counterfeit Drugs

Thu, 05/15/2014 - 3:10pm

Cranbury, NJ - Key International has partnered with Tri-Star Technologies and CertiRx to be their U.S. representatives in promoting their technologies to detect counterfeit drugs, devices, etc. Tri-Star Technologies cold laser marking system is used to mark each individual tablet, capsule, soft gel, or other pharmaceutical product. The patient who purchases the marked product can easily access information about the individual tablet or capsule simply by accessing the CertiRx app with their cell phone and taking a picture of the dosage form.

Key International CEO, Valerie Ianieri states “This new line of anti-counterfeiting equipment compliments Key International’s extensive line of pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment already in the marketplace.  Key International is dedicated to advancing new technologies and partnering with companies such as Tri-Star Technologies and CertiRx to help our pharmaceutical customers help their patients”.

Each tablet, capsule or pharmaceutical product receives a unique “Identifier” mark by Tri-Star Technologies cold laser marking system. The mark has in it an identifier alpha/numeric, lot number, exp. date, and any other relevant information that is recorded in the database. The mark is indelible and does not adversely affect the product. The marked tablet gets inserted into a marked bottle in such a way that the database knows the “identifier” of each tablet therein. The labeled bottle is also marked, the package marked, the case marked, the skid marked and the shipment marked. Traceability from skid, case, package, bottle all the way back to each tablet is stored in a secured data system.  If at any time during transit, storage, warehousing, or distribution, a skid, carton or bottle of product is compromised, that part of the supply chain can link with the secured data system and enter the mark for the compromised material. The system records the problem and rejects the product.

How Do Patients Benefit?

Every patient can know the status of the drug they are about to take due to the cold laser marking on each tablet, capsule, etc. Distribution occurs through the pharmacy and to the patient. The patient receiving the prescription at his local pharmacy can elect to see the status of every tablet within the Rx vial he just received. The patient simply uses their cell phone to access the CertiRx app and takes a picture of the marking. The app performs a check with the secured database to ensure authenticity of the drug. The app will respond stating that the drug is in fact correct, the drug is counterfeit, the drug has expired, or the drug/lot has been recalled please contact your Pharmacist or the FDA.  



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