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Honda Says Chinese Workers Back On The Job

June 2, 2010 5:29 am | by | Comments

Automaker said a key parts factory in China resumed full operation following a two-week strike over wages that forced Honda to halt production at four plants.

Toyota To Rev Up Highlander Production In Indiana

June 2, 2010 5:29 am | by | Comments

Japanese automaker is boosting production of the gas model Highlander sport utility vehicle at its southern Indiana plant.

Which Came First, The iPad Or The iPhone?

June 2, 2010 5:29 am | by | Comments

CEO Steve Jobs said the idea to ditch the keyboard for a multi-touch display came about in the early 2000s, although Apple was working on a telephone at the time.


EU carbon prices dip on lower power demand

June 2, 2010 5:29 am | by Reuters | Comments

LONDON (Reuters) - European carbon emissions futures dipped on Wednesday as some participants closed long positions ahead of a UK auction next week and as demand for power sagged, traders said.

Europe grid firms see no summer power shortages

June 2, 2010 5:29 am | by Reuters | Comments

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Europe's electricity transmission system is equipped to deal with weather conditions in the summer of 2010, European transmission grid operators group ENTSO-E said in a note issued late on Tuesday.

Chemical Biologist And Entrepreneur Carolyn Bertozzi Awarded $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize

June 2, 2010 5:23 am | by EurekAlert | Comments

( Lemelson-MIT Program ) Chemical biologist Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi, whose research is applied worldwide in the biopharmaceutical industry, has achieved extraordinary success for pioneering inventions in biotechnology. The proven potential for future advances, and her current work...

Global CIO: In Praise of Mark Hurd's 9,000 Layoffs At Hewlett-Packard

June 2, 2010 4:25 am | by InformationWeek | Comments

Column about why Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd deserves praise for phasing out 9,000 old jobs and bringing in 6,000 new salespeople to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences Reach New Licensing Agreement on Roundup Ready 2 Yield® Soybean Technology

June 2, 2010 3:26 am | by Monsanto | Comments

Expands Previous License, Will Broaden Farmer Access and Experience With Monsanto's Next-Generation Herbicide-Tolerance Trait That Offers Higher Yield Opportunity


Fossil-fuel Use And Feeding World Cause Greatest Environmental Impacts: UNEP Panel

June 2, 2010 2:28 am | by EurekAlert | Comments

( UNEP Division of Technology Industry and Economics ) A panel of 27 of the world's foremost experts assembled by UNEP has synthesized a comprehensive library of the most authoritative global studies to diagnose which of the planet's many ailments cause the greatest harm, and should...

Sluggish cell division may help explain genital defects

June 1, 2010 7:25 pm | by Science Daily | Comments

Researchers say a gene memorably named Sonic hedgehog controls genital development by regulating a process known as the cell cycle -- a biological event that regulates when, and how fast, cells divide to form hearts, brains, limbs and all the other complex structures needed to build an...

'Little brown balls' tie malaria and algae to common ancestor, researchers find

June 1, 2010 7:25 pm | by Science Daily | Comments

Inconspicuous "little brown balls" in the ocean have helped settle a long-standing debate about the origin of malaria and the algae responsible for toxic red tides, according to a new study.

Oil spill sparks criminal probe

June 1, 2010 6:28 pm | by Reuters | Comments

VENICE, La./LONDON (Reuters) - BP Plc faced a grim future on Tuesday as its failure to stop a Gulf of Mexico oil spill prompted a plunge in the energy giant's shares and the Obama administration said it opened a criminal investigation.

BP seeks to reassure investors over oil spill cost

June 1, 2010 6:28 pm | by Reuters | Comments

LONDON (Reuters) - BP will seek to patch up its battered share price by reassuring investors the cost of cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is manageable and will not affect dividends, British media reported on Wednesday.

New Technique Reliably Detects Enzyme Implicated In Cancer And Atherosclerosis

June 1, 2010 2:27 pm | by EurekAlert | Comments

( Georgia Institute of Technology Research News ) A Georgia Tech research team has developed a new technique that reliably detects and quantifies an enzyme implicated in osteoporosis, arthritis, atherosclerosis, cancer metastasis and other disease processes.

Immune System Helps Transplanted Stem Cells Navigate In Central Nervous System

June 1, 2010 2:27 pm | by EurekAlert | Comments

( University of California - Irvine ) By discovering how adult neural stem cells navigate to injury sites in the central nervous system, UC Irvine researchers have helped solve a puzzle in the creation of stem cell-based treatments: How do these cells know where to go?


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