Global Technologies Group, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GTGP) James Fallacaro, President of GTGP, announced that he has formed a new company, J3 Advanced Engineering Technologies, Inc. (J3) in Butte, Montana to ensure the continuation of working with the same chemists, engineers, scientists and support staff. They will be handling all the needed bench scale and prototype treatability demonstrations, on site supervision, project management and marketing for the various uses of the MBS chemical process for bonding heavy metals in the field of remediation for GTGP.

J3 signed a multi-year lease on February 1st consisting of 8,800 square feet from Montana Tech of The University of Montana. The buildings, which are known as the Mt. Tech Research Facility, consist of 4,500 square feet of offices with a bench scale lab and a 4,300 square foot high test bay. The high test bay is for advanced pilot projects, a fabrication shop and space for the incubator companies that will be joining us. J3 has completely renovated the office building and the bench-scale laboratory.

The professionals that worked for MSE on previous GTGP metals treatment projects using MBS are at the new facility. Projects they conducted include the treatability studies for Waste Lock 770/MBS combination of materials to treat and dewater soils and sediments simultaneously, and the presentation of that work by J3 at the Waste Management Symposium 2013 in Phoenix. The team participated in meetings at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for mercury treatment and performed bench-scale mercury testing that lead to a full-scale implementation of the MBS technology for mercury treatment of flue gas at a cement plant. The depth of their talents and skill sets is well known for their work with the DOE, the EPA, and the Military as well as many large corporations within the industry.

This gives GTGP the ability to follow through on Mr. Fallacaro's original plans to have a presence in Butte, Montana, which, in his opinion, has some of the best talent in the fields of engineering and chemistry. Mt. Tech is one of the leading institutions in those fields and a broad range of new talent coming into the workplace yearly. J3 will be handling all future testing for various technology uses not only for MBS but for other technologies which will give GTGP the ability to assess and potentially license or form joint ventures with other interested parties. J3 will also handle all marketing for GTGP.

"In November, after we walked from the deal in Butte, nothing was going to change my mind about the people, the talent and the sincere interest by all involved in creating an engineering company as well as a company for incubator startups to interact with the talent on board at J3. In the end, I believe now we have all the benefits of the experience, talent and integrity of those that have come on board and others to follow as well," stated James Fallacaro.

Global Technologies Group, Inc. (GLOBAL) is a company that is in the business of acquiring exclusive licenses and distribution and reseller contracts on proven technologies in the environmental, green and war fighter industries. The criteria for the licensing or distribution agreements of the technologies are: they must be proven, validated and in use. The business plan of Global is to sublicense the technologies it acquires to companies in Countries covered under the original license grants and for its own use. For our exclusive distribution and reseller agreements, we partner with appropriate representatives in the covered countries for resale of turn key projects. Solucorp Industries is the patent holder and licensor of the MBS technology.

Contact: James Fallacaro