Eastman's Perennial Wood Decking Brings the Next Generation of Real Wood Decking to the Tri-Cities Area

Wed, 08/01/2012 - 10:24am

Kingsport, Tenn., August 1, 2012 - Builders, remodelers, deck professionals and homeowners in the Tri-Cities area now have a new, locally produced choice for long-lasting, real wood decking: Perennial Wood" decking. Launched earlier this year in the Northeastern U.S.A., the new product from Eastman is now available at Lowes in Kingsport, located at 2526 East Stone Drive.

Made possible through Eastmans proprietary TruLast" Technology, Perennial Wood is real wood made to endure. It resists changes from moisture and remains dimensionally stable three times more stable than unmodified wood for decades. It is less susceptible to the shrinking and swelling that lead to cupping and warping. Best of all, TruLast Technology provides a physical barrier throughout the wood thats warranted to protect against rot, decay and movement for 25 years.

Perennial Wood decking provides the best of both worlds: long-lasting decking with the authenticity of real wood, said Jim Flickinger, market development manager for Perennial Wood decking. Trade professionals can work with a material they know and trust, real wood, and homeowners get a beautiful deck that will last.

Eastman employees have worked diligently to develop the technology behind Perennial Wood and bring the product to market, Flickinger continued. Its only fitting that these employees and everyone in the Tri-Cities area will now have access to the product.

A Complete, Prefinished System

Perennial Wood decking includes a complete system of deck boards, top and bottom rails, balusters, posts, stair treads and fascia. For a consistent look and less time spent on finishing, each piece comes with a two-step, factory finish in a choice of four stains: Cape Cod Gray, Cedar, Mahogany, and Redwood. CAD drawings, installation instructions and technical specifications are available at

Workability of Wood

Because Perennial Wood is real wood, no special tools are needed. It cuts, drills, planes, sands and fastens just like wood, because it is wood. Stainless steel fasteners are recommended for corrosion resistance.


The ability of Perennial Wood to endure is just one of its sustainable qualities. Because it lasts longer than most unmodified wood, some hardwoods and select composites, it needs to be replaced less often, resulting in less material disposal over the long term. TruLast Technology leaves no toxic substances within the wood, delivering peace of mind to homeowners. Perennial Wood is harvested, processed and finished in the U.S.A., eliminating the need for shipping wood from offshore sources, lessening the environmental impact.

About TruLast Technology

Perennial Wood is made possible by TruLast Technology, Eastmans proprietary acetylation process, that permanently transforms the woods cellular structure throughout using heat, pressure and an organic compound to replace water-loving (hydrophilic) groups in the woods cells with water-hating (hydrophobic) groups. The result is real wood made to endure.



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