WSJ: 5 Technologies That Could Change Everything

Tue, 10/20/2009 - 6:03am

Jim Lane Biofuels Digest — October 20, 2009

In New York, the Wall Street Journal identified algae-based biofuels as one of “Five Technologies That Could Change Everything.” The article identified the five game-changing technologies as: Space-based solar power, advanced car batteries, utility storage, carbon capture and storage, and next-generation biofuels.

On next-gen biofuels, the Journal opined: “Researchers are devising ways to turn lumber and crop wastes, garbage and inedible perennials like switchgrass into competitively priced fuels. But the most promising next-generation biofuel comes from algae…But it’s early. Dozens of companies have begun pilot projects and small-scale production.”

The $176 million South Korean algae-to-ethanol project announced by Kumho Petrochemical is another sign of fast development. We are also expecting news from Algenol in the next few weeks on their latest moves, while Digest sources say that a major announcement from another algal biofuels company is imminent in the next 48 hours.


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