High-Grade Carbon Black From Waste Tires

Wed, 10/28/2009 - 6:35am

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. --(Business Wire)-- Global Resource Corporation, a developer of a patent-pending microwave technology, confirmed today that its technology for processing waste tires produces an output of high-grade carbon black at the prototype scale. These results, produced from its development prototype unit (“Patriot PPS-TR”) located in Rockford, IL confirm earlier announced findings of carbon black output from the process in laboratory bench-top scale testing.

The Patriot PPS-TR prototype produced a high-grade carbon black that has been independently verified by Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc. The tests indicate that the Patriot PPS-TR system can consistently produce a high-quality carbon black product. The quality range of the carbon black produced is potentially suitable for multiple applications, including tire treads for tires.

The current global market for consistent, high-grade carbon black ranges between $500 and up to $2,500 per ton, depending on the precise quality of the byproduct and market conditions. The value of the carbon black output exceeds that derived even from the fuel oil and combustible gas outputs produced from the waste tire microwave processing technology.

“The independent verification of these results is important as it provides confirmation that high-value carbon products can be produced by Global Resource’s microwave technology process,” says Peter Worthington, Chief Executive Officer of Global Resource Corporation. “The results reinforce the ‘green’ credentials of the technology, providing further pressure to lessen the dumping of waste tires and providing compelling environmental and economic motivation for tire and waste recycling companies to adopt our technology as part of their forward business models. Our process and technology supports potential new opportunities for generating high margin revenue from high-value carbon products, like carbon black, which could be used in making new tires, as well as creating usable hydrocarbons. It represents an ideal tire re-cycling story.”

Worthington continued, “Additional testing is now underway to evaluate our ability to produce activated carbon, another high-value carbon product. As we continue to achieve milestones along the path to commercialization of our technology, we also accomplish the corresponding goal of creating and delivering significant additional value for our loyal shareholders.”

Global Resource Corporation’s proprietary technology and process provide a highly energy efficient, emissions free way to convert a wide range of materials into higher value energy and carbon products. This includes potential feedstock conversion of scrap tires, municipal waste, tanker sludge, heavy oil, coal and shale to valuable energy and carbon products.


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