Hydrogen-Powered Harley

Wed, 08/19/2009 - 1:24pm

The power emissions control (PEC) generator uses the Harley's charging system to pass an electrical charge through a series of electrodes that are separated by water chambers. The water contains a catalyst which is used to promote hydrogen and oxygen vapor production on the surface area of the electrodes.

The vapors produced in the PEC generator are then added to the air that enters the engine. The addition of these vapors richens the metered air that mixes with the fuel vapors. The metered air is now more volatile: oxygen content is higher; hydrogen fuel has been added; moisture content has increased. This enables a more complete burning of the fossil fuel. By burning more of the fuel inside the combustion chamber, harmful hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions are reduced. The engine becomes more efficient, less unburned fuel escapes out the exhaust, carbon buildup is removed, combustion chamber temperatures are reduced and harmful greenhouse gases are reduced to levels that are less destructive to our environment.


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