Leno Puts Biofuel Benefits In Plain English

Thu, 04/02/2009 - 5:53am

The Tonight Shows Jay Leno, who is also infamously known as an auto afficionado and avid car collector, takes viewers into his garage to introduce biodiesel and its prospective benefits - in plain English.

Leno, alongside of the National Biodiesel Boards Joe Job, not only explains the ingredients in the alternative fuel, but also the benefits of converting to it when considering vehicle performance, energy efficiency and environmental impact.

The biodiesel duo even goes so far as to delineate the logistical aspects of biodiesel use, including its cost competitiveness with diesel, current U.S. plant capacity, the impossible land mass required to sustain a biodiesel-independent national energy solution, the incentive for diluting biodiesel to specific percentage compositions, such as E85, and so on.

Leno additionally takes advantage of the opportunity to showcase the four-wheel drive New Holland tractor he keeps around to tow his vehicles, mention his jet-powered motorcycle and further solidify his bio-commitment by referencing the construction of his EcoJet, all of which run on biodiesel.

You may take a peek into Jay Lenos green garage here.


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