Custom Point Calibration Service

Wed, 12/17/2008 - 5:36am
Chemists and chemical engineers using dataloggers or chart recorders for environmental monitoring critical to preserving chemical purities can now contact Dickson calibration specialists for no-charge consultations on custom point calibrations best-matched to application requirements. Custom point calibrations, or user-specified temperature points, are specific points selected for calibration to ensure that a datalogger or chart recorder is operating correctly in the operating range in which it is typically used. According to manufacturing manager Dan Gawel, "Many datalogger and chart recorder users do not realize that there are several options for calibration methods, and that it is important to ensure that the calibration method selected provides the validated and certified calibration standard that is required. "Dickson's calibration specialists are available to help users weigh options and find the best solution in terms of cost and accuracy." For a summary sheet on how to choose between one- and three-point, or even custom-point calibrations, visit

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