Heat Shrink Protection

Mon, 05/05/2008 - 6:29am
PTFE Texflour heat shrinkable tubing from Parker-TexLoc, Ft. Worth, TX, is a fluoropolymer heat shrink that protects components from heat, sparks, and contaminants. With a V-O flammability rating, it can be used in applications where fire hazards are present such as electrical cable assemblies. Its self-extinguishing and handles temperatures as high as 500°F. The tubing is supplied in an expanded state, allowing easy slippage over cables, fittings, and other protrusions. When heated, the tubing conforms to the size and shape of the original object, providing a protective covering. It may also be used to repair electrical wiring, fittings, cords, and other objects that need to be protected from heat, water, dust, or corrosion.

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