3 Innovative Ideas

Mon, 05/05/2008 - 6:28am
FreeWave Technologies is offering the FGRCP Industrial 900 MHz cathodic protection remote monitoring radio to keep check on oil, gas, and water/wastewater pipeline integrity. It automates the remote monitoring of critical pipes and culverts to identify and prevent corrosion that can lead to leaks, groundwater contamination, and other unsafe scenarios. 2. Turck ( has introduced its BL67 Ethernet gateway for Profinet network systems. Profinet, the fastest industrial Ethernet I/O network available, can successfully accomplish a line topology, making it suitable for long conveyor systems. The BL67 system consists of a gateway, base modules, and electronic modules. 3. M-Series Level Plus liquid-level transmitters from MTS Systems Corp. Sensors Division ( are being used in bio waste tank applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Unlike radar, the magnetostrictive sensors' accuracy is not compromised by the foaming found in tanks.

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