Travel Advice: Emissions Tracking

Mon, 02/26/2007 - 4:12am

Atlanta's TRX Inc., a provider of transaction processing and data integration services to the travel industry, has launched a carbon emissions model to provide corporations with empirical data that details the impact of employee travel on the environment. Corporations are able to use the model to learn how much carbon dioxide their specific global air travel program has emitted as well as how their program compares to industry averages. The model also allows companies to see which carriers are the lowest carbon dioxide emitters for their travel footprint, providing them with tools to determine how changing their preferred carriers, or modifying their travel volume, would impact the environment. TRX has agreed to donate 15 percent of proceeds from sales of its carbon emissions model to Native Energy, a national marketer of renewable energy credits and carbon offsets. Native Energy uses companies' carbon offsets to help build wind energy projects on Native American and Native Alaskan land.


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