Green Chemistry: Yoga Mat With No Toxins

Tue, 09/05/2006 - 6:17am

Developed by Crescent Moon Yoga in Anaheim, CA, the ECOmat is a "green" folding mat made from patented TPE foam that contains no PVC, latex or rubber. In addition, it does not use toxic materials in production. The TPE material is lightweight, recyclable and naturally decomposable. The ability to "fold" this mat allows the user to customize its use. If a user needs more cushioning in a certain spot, they can double the folds in that area. If the user needs a bolster, they can fold the entire mat up. The patterned micro-channel grooves were engineered to provide superior traction by moving moisture away from the surface of the mat, thus reducing the risk of slipping. The closed cell construction prevents the absorption of fluids, making it easier to keep clean.


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