GE Program Takes Aimat the Rising Cost ofCrude Oil

Tue, 09/05/2006 - 6:17am

GE Water & Process Technologies is promoting the Predator program as an innovative solution for reducing crude oil costs. With crude oil prices soaring, oil refineries are searching for ways to effectively process discounted crudes. GE says Predator allows refineries to detect problems more quickly, predict operating difficulties from crude slates and ensure chemical treatment in order to address issues associated with discounted crudes. A suite of technologies with such tools as electronic resistance measurement and digital radiography as well as process comparison and crude assessment by field engineers, Predator can help refineries profitably process and market high-acid (discounted) crudes while reducing risks to equipment, production and overall product quality. CEO Jeff Garwood says, "Predator brings new flexibility to purchasing and marketing crude oil, which translates to lower fixed costs and improved margins." Running high-acid crude oils poses risks to refineries because they are highly corrosive to process equipment. Left unchecked, high-acid corrosion can damage equipment, lower production and, in the extreme, create unexpected plant shutdowns and unsafe working conditions.


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