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Fri, 08/11/2006 - 7:31am

Safety Isn’t a Numbers Game

Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group, a leader in personal protective equipment, says it’s time to look beyond the issues of compliance and attenuation ratings and put the focus where it belongs — the workers exposed to noise on the job. As a result, Bacou-Dalloz has put together a Web site ( that offers information on how to properly select hearing protectors. It explains the four Cs — comfort, communication, convenience, caring — that should be considered before making a selection.

“For years, hearing protection was a numbers game with companies trying to trump one another with facts and figures about noise reduction ratings,” says Bill Sokol, spokesperson for Bacou-Dalloz. “However, we recognize that people and the motivation to wear hearing protectors properly on the job are central to any effective workplace hearing conservation program.”

Sokol says damage from hazardous noise is cumulative, and noise-induced hearing loss is permanent. “However, it is completely preventable. The technology exists to provide proper protection without the downside risks of physical discomfort or the inability to hear important signals or communication.”

A PDF of a presentation called “Safety Beyond Compliance” can be downloaded from the Web site for training purposes. Visitors also can register to receive a complimentary Howard Leight/Bilsom gearing safety kit. The kit features a selection of Howard Leight earplugs, a Bilsom earmuff, posters and other hearing safety information designed to enhance workplace hearing conservation programs.


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