Cool Compressor

Fri, 08/11/2006 - 7:30am

Unit Handles Radioactive Material

Space technology for down-to-earth gas-pumping applications is now available in a new semi-hermetic scroll vacuum pump/compressor. It's available from Air Squared in Broomfield, CO, which develops compressors, hermetic and non-hermetic vacuum pumps and expanders. The new product comes in a variety of materials with appropriate seals, which allow it to handle almost any gas other than air, including radioactive material, bio-hazardous gases, helium, nitrogen, oxygen, natural gas and other corrosive and hazardous gases. The vacuum pump/compressor is suitable for medical and bio-medical applications, fuel cells and natural gas boosters. A full-hermetic design is also available. Originally developed to pump helium for a space-based cryo-cooler, the semi-hermetic scroll features a patent-pending design that completely seals the pumping section of the unit but allows cooling of both scrolls. Cool operation enables the unit to operate effectively at higher pressures and vacuums. As a compressor, the unit can develop up to 60 psig (4 barg) and has a displacement of 2 CFM (57 lpm). The vacuum model can develop up to 200 mtorr ultimate vacuum with a displacement of 2 CFM (57 lpm).



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