Tube Talk

Wed, 05/10/2006 - 6:28am

Conveyors Make the Difference

Tectubes produces a million plastic tubes each year for the food, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. In order to keep up with growing production demands and to improve manufacturing efficiency, the company decided to replace its mechanical conveyors for transporting plastic granules with a pneumatic vacuum conveying system. “Handling all of the plastic granules was too labor-intensive, and we sought a system that would lower our expenses by automating and streamlining the process,” said Tommy Andersson, production engineer at Tectubes. The new conveyors were developed by PIAB, a global leader in industrial vacuum technology. The conveyors are compressed air driven and specifically designed for industrial applications. They use a vacuum pump to draw granules from a feed station through a conveying tube and into a closed container. When the container is full, the vacuum pump is stopped and a valve at the bottom of the container opens and discharges the material from the tube. The conveyors are completely enclosed, protecting users from inhaling potentially harmful ingredients. Thanks to an advanced air filter, the conveyor’s design protects the vacuum pump from the plastic granules and eliminates dust and contamination in the plant. During each cycle, compressed air cleans the filter to ensure a hygienic environment. Since the installation of the first conveyor a few months ago, Tectubes has enjoyed a significant reduction in maintenance costs, energy consumption, dust contamination and employee-related injuries. Consequently, the company installed additional conveyors and is considering the automation of other manufacturing processes.


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