Heat Exchanger

Fri, 04/07/2006 - 7:43am

The Bulkflow Heat Exchanger uses mass flow and a bank of evenly spaced vertical hollow plates connected to a cooling water system to cool bulk powder. Besides a wide variety of powder, other materials that can be heated or cooled include pellets, granules and other bulk solids. This heat exchanger combines two technologies - heat transfer through moving beds of solids and the mass flow of bulk solids. The equipment consists of a number of vertical, closely spaced, hollow stainless steel plates. Bulk solids or powders pass slowly downward between the plates as heat transfer fluid flows through the interior of the plates to heat or cool the material by conduction. For cooling, water or glycol is circulated through the plates and for heating, steam is most commonly used, but hot water or thermal oil can also be used effectively.


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