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Williamson Corporation

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Williamson Corporation manufactures a complete line of exceptionally accurate noncontact temperature measurement and control systems including single, dual, and multiwavelength infrared radiometers as well as two-wire systems.  All are designed for long life, even in hostile environments.  Specific capabilities include clear viewing through water, steam, combustion gases, etc.; accurately measuring low- and variable-emissivity materials; measuring selective emitters such as flames and industrial gases; and tolerating significant optical obstruction, misalignment, low or high ambient temperature, and mechanically abusive environments.  Williamson's market focus includes the metals (primarily iron and steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, and zinc), flame-fired processes (primarily flares, thermal reactors, rotary kilns, incinerators, and boilers), and engineered products (primarily fabricated metal parts, crystal growing, CVD, glass, ceramic, and carbon) markets.

Mailing Address:
70 Domino Dr.
Concord, Massachusetts 01742
United States