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MicroFiltration Technologies, LLC

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MicroFiltration is a knowledge-based organization with a Mission to assist our clients select the correct filter for their fluid process application that provides the required filtrate quality at lowest overall cost of ownership.
‚ÄčApplications encompass chemicals, hospitals, bioprocesses, medical devices, healthcare, water, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, flavors, fragrance, industrial, OEM, beverage, food, venting, ink, therapeutics development and production plus many more. Our experience includes particle retention, bioburden reduction, sterilization, haze removal, cell count reduction, clarification, stabilization, aerosol removal, humidification, pre-filtration and final filtration of gases and liquids.

MicroFiltration partners with filter developers, designers and manufacturers who are expert in their field. One of the fastest growing consulting and distributor organizations, MicroFiltration draws from a global network of industry professionals to assist our clients source optimal filtration technologies and associated equipment.