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Kinefac Corporation, Barrett Division

About the Company

In 1848, Barrett produced the first Oil Extractor to recover oil from chips and turnings. Since that
time, there have been many changes in product design, engineering, and processes at Barrett.
But one thing has never changed, the Barrett commitment to manufacturing the finest quality
centrifugal equipment. Our reputation as a dependable problem solver is evidenced by
thousands of installations worldwide. As centrifugal equipment specialists, we offer a diverse
line of products designed to meet a wide range of applications. Our machines can reduce fluid
purchases, reduce disposal costs, and enhance your product's finish. Barrett equipment makes
sense both economically and environmentally. In a world where slick marketing and high-tech
gadgetry often substitute for product quality, we offer an alternative value. We incorporate
engineering that makes sense, using proven principals and products. The result is a machine
low in maintenance that will provide years of trouble-free performance. Barrett machines
regularly outlast the generation that purchased them.

Mailing Address:
156 Goddard Memorial Dr.
Worcester, Massachusetts 01603
United States