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Fluid Metering, Inc.

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Fluid Metering, Inc. is a Manufacturer of liquid fluid Metering Valveless Piston Metering Pumps & Dispensers. Variable, positive displacement. Covering flow ranges from 0 to 4000 ml/min., pressure ranges to 100 psig. Accuracy of better than 1%. Ceramic & fluorocarbon fluid paths. For precise handling of solutions, suspensions, slurries & gases in industrial, commercial, & laboratory applications. In stock or OEM custom industrial pumps.

Our Unique Valveless Design Features:

Patented "No Valve" Design eliminates problems caused by valves which clog, leak, and require service.
One Moving Part CeramPump® design utilizes a single dimensionally stable, chemically inert CERAMIC piston ensuring long term, drift free fluid control.
Accuracy, Precision, & Reliability measured in millions of "trouble free"cycles.
Aspirate, Dispense, & Meter fluids from microliters to liters at an accuracy of 1% and a precision of 0.5% for millions of cycles.
Proven Performance!
Over 55 years experience and more than 1 Million metering pumps and dispensers in service.

How Our Pumps works?

The valveless pumping function is accomplished by the synchronous rotation and reciprocation of a ceramic piston in a precisely mated ceramic cylinder liner.
One complete piston revolution is required for each suction/discharge cycle.
Check out our web site at for our 3D Animation of our unique pumping principle.

Our Commitment
At FMI, quality is our number 1 goal. We are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the highest quality valveless metering pumps, the very best service, and technical support. To further our quality goal, FMI has certified its operations under "ISO 9001:2008 Certification" criteria.
REACH, WEEE & RoHS Compliance
FMI is dedicated to full compliance with all regulations that seek to protect the environment and our natural resources including the RoHS and WEEE directives.

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