Engineering American Energy Independence

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 9:07am
Bill Kerney, Contributor

Fracking is dramatically increasing the recoverable reserves of America carbon-based energy supplies. but yesterday I just paid $4.15 to fill up my car at the USA gas station in Cardiff, Calif. There is a huge disconnect between supply and the price at the pump. 

Bottom-up solutions need to scale to make an impact. Top-down solutions in energy have left us under control of OPEC since the Arab oil boycott of 1973. Applying well-established technology nearly a century old to cutting-edge advances in expectation maximization can lead us out of the wilderness and make us 100% energy independent in less than a decade. ECN readers can play a role. We can succeed in a bottom-up solution positioned for huge growth that hammers down gasoline and electricity prices where Vinod Khosla and T. Boone Pickens have both failed.

Rounding up popular support is necessary to raise the dollars to employ new technology to generate alternatives to OPEC's fading control of the energy market and its ability to set the world price for oil. Any solution that scale needs access to large amounts of cash as well as remaining financially viable into the future. The goal is American energy independence at low affordable cost regardless of what others do outside our borders.

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