Retaining Your Number One Asset: Employees

Tue, 08/27/2013 - 9:44am
Maria Ferrante, Vice President, Education & Workforce Development, PMMI

How organizational restructuring can improve the retention of valuable employees in an organization

There is one absolute that applies to every company, independent of industry: You cannot expect to operate efficiently without dedicated and skilled employees. When looking at the manufacturing industry specifically, finding a highly skilled workforce has proven to be one of the greatest challenges. With such a limited amount of talent in the applicant pool, companies are left to compete for the best employees. Then, once the best employees are brought into the fold, the challenge becomes keeping them and further growing their skills.

While consumer goods companies have proactively worked with educational and industry associations to build or leverage programs that help to prepare and develop talent, the solution to improving retention rates often lies with the manufacturer in the creation of internal protocol and programs designed to cultivate, engage and advance their workforce.

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