Developing A Workforce

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 9:28am
Maria Ferrante, Vice President, Education & Workforce Development, PMMI

What you need to keep the next generation of manufacturing employees engaged and equipped with the skills they need to succeed

Manufacturers are on the cusp of a major generational shift. Baby Boomers are preparing to retire out of the workforce, and Gen Y is poised to replace them. However, several obstacles are preventing a seamless transition of Gen Y-ers into these soon-to-be vacant roles. After decades of watching jobs being sent overseas, young workers perceive manufacturing as a sector offering few opportunities, poor job security and limited growth potential. Meanwhile, established manufacturing professionals think incoming workers lack the math, science and problem-solving skills critical for success in this evolving industry.

If ignored, these factors will paint a grim picture for the future of manufacturing. However, the good news is that industry players are taking action. They’re developing exercises and programs that engage and educate today’s young manufacturing professionals, and in the process, they’re changing the way manufacturing is perceived.

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