Processing in Person: Keeping It Fresh (Part III)

Fri, 06/14/2013 - 10:12am

Chem.Info's recurring Processing in Person feature highlights a processing company that stands above the rest for the implementation of strategic processing techniques and the production of high quality goods. This week, we're focusing on juice processor Hoogesteger in the Netherlands.

The Future of PEF in Juice Processing

While Hoogesteger and Wageningen have done the heavy lifting to bring an innovative processing technique like this to market, the benefits of such a method could easily be implemented by U.S. and other international companies. Through its approved HACCP guidance for juice processors, the U.S. FDA has even approved the processes for use by U.S. companies.

Innovation truly is the engine of growth, and in many cases, it also drives us toward sustainability and quality, as in the case of Hoogesteger’s FMP process. Balancing growing consumer demand for healthy, quality food with the logistical and processing concerns faced by manufacturers will continue to be one of the greatest challenges in the food and beverage industries, and new techniques and open innovation can help processors overcome it.

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