Recommended Reading: Test Results for Purging Compounds

Fri, 04/13/2007 - 11:52am

The Dyna-Purge Division of Shuman Plastics Inc., Buffalo, NY, has introduced its new Dyna-Purge M grade. One of 10 engineered purging compounds, this enhanced formulation has been engineered to provide dual-scrubbing action so that it can purge faster and clean more effectively than other types of purging products. According to tests conducted by Diamond Polymers Inc., an AL2A accredited independent laboratory, the new M grade lowers purging costs up to 73 percent compared to mechanical/chemical (hybrid), mechanical (abrasive), and chemical brands tested. Dyna-Purge M is a mechanical (non-abrasive), non-chemical thermoplastic compound. The test results are reported in a white paper, "Effective and Economical Purging of Plastics Processing Machinery," available from Shuman Plastics.

White paper:


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