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Scientists Use Computer Algorithms To Develop Seasonal Flu Vaccines

July 9, 2010 8:23 am | by EurekAlert | News | Comments

( University of Miami ) A University of Miami computer scientist, Dimitris Papamichail, and a team of researchers from Stony Brook University have developed a rapid and effective approach to produce vaccines for new strains of influenza viruses. The researchers hope to develop the...

EU sets 2013 industry CO2 cap at 1.927 bln tonnes

July 9, 2010 7:25 am | by Reuters | News | Comments

LONDON (Reuters) - Greenhouse gas emissions from heavy industry currently regulated under the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme will be capped at 1,926,876,368 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2013, the EU Commission said on Friday.

German power supply cuts can be offset by solar

July 9, 2010 7:25 am | by Reuters | News | Comments

LONDON (Reuters) - Germany is being hit by an extreme heat wave, fuelling concerns of power supply cuts by plants that rely on river water for cooling, but the country's vast solar capacity should be able to avoid supply shortages, traders said.


A New Spin On Drug Delivery

July 9, 2010 7:24 am | by EurekAlert | News | Comments

( Virginia Tech ) Chang Lu and his chemical engineering research group at Virginia Tech have discovered how to "greatly enhance" the delivery of DNA payloads into cells. The description of their work will be featured on the cover of Lab on a Chip, the premier journal for researchers...

Mobile Internet Use Surges To 59% Of Adults

July 9, 2010 7:24 am | by InformationWeek | News | Comments

According to the latest Pew study, 59% of all American adults are accessing the Internet and Web applications wirelessly, up from 51% a year ago.

Companies Brace for End of Cheap Made-in-China Era

July 9, 2010 6:56 am | News | Comments

Factory workers demanding better wages and working conditions are hastening the eventual end of an era of cheap costs that helped make southern coastal China the world's factory floor.

DOE Commits $67M to 10 Carbon Capture Projects

July 9, 2010 6:52 am | News | Comments

The selections announced today will focus on improving efficiency and reducing the added costs to electricity at power plants with carbon capture systems.

Air Products Raises Offer For Airgas To $5.5B

July 9, 2010 6:27 am | by | News | Comments

Company said it is raising its cash offer for rival Airgas Inc. to $5.5 billion from $5.1 billion and would take over $1.7 billion in debt under the proposal.


Detroit Wants Old Packard Plant Torn Down

July 9, 2010 6:27 am | by | News | Comments

Officials say a company's admission in a civil lawsuit?to owning long-abandoned Packard Motor Car plant could jump-start the process of getting the blighted structure torn down.

Patent Holder Sues Smart Phone Makers

July 9, 2010 6:27 am | by | News | Comments

Patent-holding company that won a settlement of more than $600 million from the maker of the BlackBerry said Friday it has sued six other makers of phones and phone software.

Chrysler, Ford Recall SUVs, Vans

July 9, 2010 6:27 am | by | News | Comments

Government says Chrysler is recalling?22,000 SUVs and trucks to fix brake tubes that could lead to the loss of brake fluid, while Ford is recalling over 30,000 vans to fix pushpins.

Fiat To Build Panda In Italy

July 9, 2010 6:27 am | by | News | Comments

Italian automaker says it will go ahead with an $886 million investment to produce?new Panda at?plant near Naples despite an ongoing dispute with one Italian union.

Researchers Develop Drug Delivery System Using Nanoparticles Triggered By Electromagnetic Field

July 9, 2010 6:24 am | by EurekAlert | News | Comments

( University of Rhode Island ) A new system for the controlled delivery of pharmaceutical drugs has been developed by a team of URI chemical engineers using nanoparticles embedded in a liposome that can be triggered by non-invasive electromagnetic fields.

What Secrets Are Stored In The Roots Of Corn Plants?

July 9, 2010 6:24 am | by EurekAlert | News | Comments

( University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences ) With corn being a critical US crop expected to help feed livestock and people around the world and also be a source for the production of clean energy, plant breeders are continually seeking ways...

Ames Laboratory Wins R & D 100 Award For 3-D Virtual Simulation Software

July 9, 2010 6:24 am | by EurekAlert | News | Comments

( DOE/Ames Laboratory ) The US Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory has won a 2010 R&D 100 Award. Ames Laboratory was recognized for osgBullet, a software package that creates 3-D, real-time computer simulations that can help engineers design complex systems ranging from...


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